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Staying on track

Nutrition takes small changes for the long-term. These small changes may become difficult with a fast-paced life, stress, lack of knowledge, and more. The key is to start with your refrigerator.
The most important part of your diet is eating fruits, veggies and lean protein. Foods that are full of sugar influence even worse food choices. According to the glycemic index starchy products products, like potatoes, are even worse than table sugar. Look through your fridge and pantry to throw away any of the items that are full are enriched with anything and full of sugar.


Health during the Holidays

Took a couple days off from the gym during the holidays, but stuck to my daily calorie limit of 1200. To help my body burn extra calories I have been adding lemon, lime, citrus, and pepper to my food. This can help burn an extra 25 calories daily.
It was difficult during the holidays to keep up with my structured eating schedule. Shopping and wrapping, created bigger gaps between meals which influenced my food choices. Some cheating occurred, but I definitely learned that during the holidays next year I will plan what I eat and carry healthy snacks with me.
Remember losing weight is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.

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